Henry Jr. is a full time professional magician. He’s a second generation of professional magicians, his father Gran Henry is consider to be the pioneer of magic in Venezuela with a 60 year career in TV, Theater, Corporate Magic and more. Henry Jr. at early age was surrounded with magic props and join he’s father on many tv specials as young kid assisting him in many great illusions, from that point on, Henry Jr was trained by he’s father to do magic for kids, then in 1986 at age 12 Henry Jr had his official debut as a professional magician in front of 1500 people in one of the best theaters in Caracas , the show was called 1st Magic Caribbean Festival with guest magicians form Europe, The Caribbean , Argentina , Colombia.

Since then Henry Jr has started on tv shows and theater across Venezuela, Spain, Portugal Mexico, and United States where he performed with Gran Henry at the Legendary Magic Castle during the Spanish week of magic. Henry Jr is considered to be one of the most complete illusionists in Venezuela, a complete worker for every event, corporate, Kids, Adults, Private shows, Restaurant Magic, Stage shows, Theater Shows, Parlour Magic, Close up Magic and more.

Magic for him is his way of life, a way of expressing what he love to do to the world, and shearing with audiences everywhere. His mission is to entertain, to amaze, to share a great moments that would last for a lifetime.

Henry Jr. is your best choice to entertain your event, he can create unique magic moments and with his charisma and charming ways to do magic the amazement is guaranteed. He can do close up magic around the tables, stage magic to impact more large audiences, or maybe you need something in between, a good parlour magic show to please your guest, this artist is not only talented but complete. If you are looking for a MC or animator for your event, you may consider him as he can crate magic moments during the event or in special moments as he interacts with audiences and entertain them.

Welcome to the world of an artist, who express himself by magic.